Believe Elite Yoga Mat
Believe Elite Yoga Mat
Believe Elite Yoga Mat
Believe Elite Yoga Mat

Believe Elite Yoga Mat

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The Believe Elite Yoga Mat is the perfect addition to elevate your yoga practice or fitness/exercise routine.

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE ZEN as you step onto our high-density yoga mat designed with cushion and support to keep you grounded through all of those chaturangas. Our Elite yoga mat series are high performance and luxurious, made to last your lifetime!

Size 72" x 24", 6mm thick

6.8 lbs


  • Closed cell surface which prevents the mat from absorbing sweat & bacteria
  • Ultra dense cushion for better joint protection
  • Embossed aj love logo on bottom of the mat
  • Phthalate Free
  • Non-toxic
  • Latex Free
  • Lifelong durability to reduce landfill waste


  • Cleaning your mat: Maintain the best condition of your mat by cleaning it after every use. We recommend gently wiping down the surface of the mat with a sponge and soapy water or a yoga mat wash. Air out to dry. DO NOT submerge, soak, or hose off your mat with water. DO NOT put your mat in the washing machine, dryer or bath tub.
  • Storing your mat: Store your mat rolled up with the white aj love logo facing outward. This will prevent the corners from rolling upward during practice and ensure the mat lays flat. DO NOT store your mat in hot or freezing temperatures. 
  • Breaking in your mat: You may notice that the surface of your brand new mat seems a bit slippery at first. This is totally normal. Every yoga mat requires a break-in period. The surface texture will improve with the amount of use. So, with every flow- your grip will improve!

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Believe Elite Yoga Mat
Believe Elite Yoga Mat